Keeping safety
at the forefront
We are committed to work in a manner that safeguards our employees’ safety and health; solidarity, moral integrity and, above all, safety are just few of our main values.
FIL has always been at the forefront of occupational safety.

FIL treat safety with the highest priority: from the definition of safety standards for risk management to the plants’ safety implementation.
Moreover, we constantly strive to eliminate the causes of incidents, creating an injury-free workplace.

We strongly believe that only concrete actions can improve the workplace environment.
For this reason, we encourage our employees to take individual responsibility, encouraging safe work behaviours as well.
We constantly strive to promote a positive safety culture, ensuring that all of our activities are undertaken safely.
That is why we are focused on protecting the environment in which we work, caring for health and safety with the utmost attention to environmental compliance.
We love
the world
we live in
Fil aims to reduce the impact of its harmful operations on the environment, working in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
We work in compliance with IEA (Integrated Environmental Authorization) regulations, which include a control and maintenance plan approved by ARPAL and Metropolitan City of Genoa.
In 2009, all the plant’s walls were covered with soundproofing panels, in order to reduce the acoustic impact towards the outside
Our commitment
We Recycle
Steel recycling is limitless: for this reason, steel known as a “green product”
We sort
We are committed to sustainable waste management, making constant and rigorous waste sorting.
We protect
Water is a valuable resource and must be protected. For this reason, we handle wastewater treatment with the utmost attention, filtering and reusing it thanks to a state of the art recirculation system.

Fil: A clean factory


FIL supports local community


Giardini soave

We support our community in a number of ways.
For some years now, Fil has adopted Pontedecimo gardens; the programme provides plants and hedges pruning, flower beds cleaning and planting, encouraging people to spend free time in nature.

Comune di Genoa