Manufacturing of


Quarto plates, laser and PED


FIL’s products

Thickness 6 150
1200 2600
3000 15000
12 ton

Special steels

Boiler and pressure vessel steel
In compliance with PED Directive 2014/68/EU
Normalized steel sheet
EN 10028-2 P 265GH / P 295 GH / P 355GH
EN 10028-3 P 275 NH / P 355 NH / P 275 NL1 / P 275 NL2 / P 355 NL1 / P 355 NL2
ASME/ASTM SA 516.60 / A 516.60 / SA 516.65 / A 516.65 / SA 516.70 / A 516.70
SA 283 GR C
High quality steels with excellent laser cutting properties
S 235 JR / J0 / J2
TOP LASER S 275 + AR o N
S 355 JR / J0 / J2 / K2

Common type steels

Quenched and tempered steels

EN 10083-2 C 45 - C 45 N
Structural steels
S 235 JR / J0 / J2
EN 10025-2 S 275 + AR o N
S 355 JR / J0 / J2 / K2
EN 10025-3 S 275
S 355 N / NL
Naval registers
R.I.N.A. A - AH36 - DH 36
Wear resistant steels
EN 10025-5 S 355J0W, J0W + N, J2W, J2W + N, K2W, K2W + N

Manufacturing processes


Slabs cutting and storage

ITALIAN LAMIER FACTORY produces hot-rolled sheet metal, which are very useful for metal structural works.
The semi-finished products, i.e. carbon steel slabs, are cut by oxy-fuel cutting process, according to the required metal sheet’ geometric size.

impianti lavoro
Ditta specializzata in laminazione a Genova


After that, the slabs are preheated in preheating furnaces.
Bendotti, a leading company in the industry, built the latest generation heating furnace in 2012.



The descaling phase is the process of removing oxide deposits from the steel’s surface.
The scale layer is removed by spraying high-pressure water on the metal surface.

impianti lavoro
Ditta specializzata in laminazione a Genova


Rolling is the forming process in which metal stocks are passed through one or more pairs of rolls so as to reduce the thickness.
This operation is carried out by progressively reducing the thickness between the cylinders.


Planishing, facing and marking

In this phase, metal sheets are passed between rolls to bring them to exactly required thickness.
After planishing, some of them are faced by machining both sheet’s ends simultaneously.
The facing process produces a lot of scrap metal waste, that ca be also recycled.

impianti lavoro
Ditta specializzata in laminazione a Genova


The sheets are stored in the rolling mill hall waiting for the cooling to be completed and then sent to their destination.

Products’ tests and trials



  • Chemical analysis (14 elements)
  • Certifications 3.1
  • CE certification
  • DoP (Declaration of Performance)

    Additional tests

    • Ultrasonic testing with the issue of the certificate (EN 10160 - ASTM A 435 / A 435 M - ASME SA 435 /SA 435 M - ASTM A 578 - ASME SA 578)
    • Z Test (EN 10164 / ASTM 770)
    • Hot-pulling tests: AD 2000W1


    Tests can be also performed by other company, including:
    • American bureau of shipping;
    • Bureau veritas;
    • Det norske veritas;
    • Germanisher Lloyd;
    • Lloyd’s register;
    • Tüv


    Automatic shot blasting:
    • Workpiece passage width: mm. 3.000
    • Workpiece passage height: mm. 500
    • Max. sheet length: mm. 13.000
    • max. unit weight: t. 25
    • treatment of both surfaces
    Marcatura CE

    CE marking and system certifications

    Our commitment to quality has helped us to achieve CPR certification and CE marking, according to EN 10025.
    We are very proud to be a ISO 9001:2018 and ISO 14001:2018 certified company, taking great pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations.
    Finally, FIL is implementing a safety management system, according to the new ISO 45000 standards.