Top quality service
since 1960
Established in 1960, F.I.L. Italian Sheet Metal Factory stands out from the well-known Italian iron and steel companies, Italsider and Falck Group, by offering a type of sheet metal previously available only abroad.
For this reasons, our plant can be smaller than the others, but we pride ourselves on having boasted an extreme production’s flexibility.

Over the years, the sheet formats have been modified to reach the current characteristics; our sheets are in fact used for the construction of mechanical parts and plant components, as well as for the shipbuilding industry.
Our production flexibility allows us to produce a wide range of products, including carbon, silicon and corten steel, as well as high-strength, wear-resistant quarto plates.
Our 15,000 sq. production plant is located on an industrial area along the right bank of the Riccò stream, between the provincial road no. 35 dei Giovi and the Genoa-Turin railway line, in Val Polcevera.

The Valpolcevera has always been the headquarters of many production companies, where the knowledge of the iron and steel industry has been handed down from father to son, from generation to generation.
New rolling mill plant
In 2016, Fil invested lot of money in the NEW ROLLING MILL PLANT, a state of the art heavy plate plant.

This is a very high-performance, latest-generation heavy plate plant: rolling mill 4.0.
The worker works inside a very high cabin called "pulpit", so as to have a 360° view of the plant.

New plant’s excavations

The excavations were carried out by a highly qualified team with state of the art technologies.


New rolling mill’s forging

Our new plant allows us to provide services of the highest quality standards, making our company an absolute benchmark in the industry.


New rolling mill’s assembly

The assembly was carried out in full compliance with deadlines by a staff of highly trained and experienced professionals.

New furnace
We built a new furnace for raw material heat treatments in 2012.
Designed and assembled by Bendotti, an important company in northern Italy and abroad, our new furnace combines efficiency with technology.
Look at the construction’s steps
Our old plant